Something that many patients overlook is that in addition to replacing the roots of your teeth and making way for excellent support of crowns, bridges, or dentures, dental implants actually provide important oral health protection. Did you know that selecting implants can help keep your jaw safe and sound, while traditionally supported prosthetics cannot? If this is news to you, our Dallas, TX team thinks you may find yourself pleased by this particular benefit you can enjoy from implants and implants alone!

Alert: Your Jaw Deteriorates After Tooth Loss

You may realize that your teeth can shift out of place once you lose one or more of your teeth. However, you may not have ever been informed that the loss of your teeth can lead to the loss of your jawbone tissue. Our Lake Highlands team will quickly review what this can mean and why it happens.

First, remember that your roots do more than anchor your teeth. When you bite, your roots press into your jaw tissue and stimulate it. This stimulation is like a form of communication that ultimately lets your body know that your jaw is housing all of its teeth. As a result, it continues to receive the nutrients it needs, so it stays healthy and strong! Now, what happens when roots are gone, you ask? In short, the stimulation ceases, your body thinks your jaw is no longer necessary, so it resorbs some of the tissue, leading to deterioration.

Jaw Tissue Loss Results In Many Consequences

Whether you choose not to tend to your open spaces in your smile or you select a traditional prosthetic instead of one supported with dental implants, as you lose jaw tissue, you will experience related consequences, which may include:

  • Your jaw will shrink
  • A shrinking jaw will no longer be able to offer your face its usual support, so you may appear aged
  • You may need to continue replacing traditional prosthetics, such as dentures, to fit the changing shape of your jaw

Surprise!: Root Replacement Reinstates Missing Stimulation

So, is jaw deterioration inevitable after tooth loss, you ask our Lake Highlands team? The answer is no. When you replace roots with dental implants, you preserve the stimulation of your jaw, as well as its health and strength!

Discover Protection Offered By Implants

Learn more about the protection dental implants provide for your jaw tissue and its health when you come in to see our team about this prosthetic treatment. Ask questions and determine whether implants are right for you! Schedule comprehensive family dental care in Dallas, TX by calling Cederberg Dental at (214) 348-7090. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas and all surrounding communities.