Considering dental implants and restorations, particularly as you compare them to prosthetics that rely on traditional support, is probably a brand new topic for you. As topics go, it’s a big one! Are you interested in replacing missing tooth roots with implants, which will then help support a crown, bridge, partial, or denture? If you are certain that you find the option an attractive one but you wonder about tipping the scales one way or another, our Dallas, TX team encourages you to put your tooth replacement journey in the context of how choosing implants may positively impact your daily quality of life. Let’s get started!

Your Career

Take a moment to consider the way your missing teeth have impacted your career. Perhaps you feel a bit embarrassed around colleagues. Maybe you would like to seek out a new career path or try for a promotion but your tooth loss has caused your confidence to plummet just a bit. We remind you that dental implants provide patients with a way to completely replace missing teeth, making for restored oral health, as well as speech patterns, chewing, and the knowledge that one’s smile is not going to budge. This can be a very good thing for your career, explains your Lake Highlands team.

Socializing With Friends, Family, Acquaintances

Your social life may be more diverse than you realize! You may spend time with friends and family that are extremely close. You may spend some social time with acquaintances. Then, there are people you speak with in passing! Our Lake Highlands team wonders, how do you feel about your exchanges? If you often find that you wish you could replace your teeth and never worry about your smile in these moments again, we encourage you to learn more about how the long-lasting dental implants and beautiful restorations can help.

Your Ability To Get Through Your Day

Now, consider the basics of your day-to-day life and how your missing teeth can get in the way of what used to be a good quality of life. You brush and floss your smile. You eat. You talk. You brush again. When you have a complete smile that’s easy to care for, these aren’t things that become a hindrance. When you’re missing teeth, trying to care for your smile, keep it healthy, and accomplish basic tasks can feel trying. Remember that dental implants can solve all of this! Find out more by visiting us!

Consider Implants To Change Your Life

Take time to talk through the ins and outs of dental implants and restorations with our team, particularly when you are feeling unsure about whether to pursue them. We are full of helpful insight! Schedule comprehensive family dental care in Dallas, TX by calling Cederberg Dental at (214) 348-7090. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, Lake Highlands, and all surrounding communities.