There’s the knowledge that you are receiving dental implants. There’s the promise of lots of wonderful benefits that will come your way. Then, there’s that journey as you seek out and receive implants, during which you have plenty of time to come up with lots of questions, deal with some uncertainty, and wonder if you are going to be happy with the results. Our Dallas, TX team reassures you that, of course, you are making a fantastic selection for yourself in terms of completing your smile. As for those little doubts that pop up here and there, we respond to commonly voiced, “Will my smile really…?” questions, so you can feel much better!

Will My Smile Really Accept The Implants?

In short, yes. We remind you that when you choose to move forward toward receiving dental implants, the more you learn, the better you will feel. In this case, keep in mind that the implant posts are composed of a biocompatible material, which means that they are not going to harm any organic tissue (such as the living gum tissue, jaw tissue, and more in your mouth). Your body will recognize them as safe rather than a foreign object and, as a result, will not reject them.

Will My Smile Really Be Complete And Beautiful?

It may be hard to believe that you are going to get back to having a complete smile that’s beautiful and functional. However, our Lake Highlands team simply reminds you that if you hang in there, the end of your journey will surely include the smile you’ve been envisioning and missing for some time now. It will include all necessary teeth, it will look nice, and it will work as your smile should!

Will My Smile Really Last, Once I Have Implants?

Our Lake Highlands team knows that patients are often most concerned about how long dental implants will remain in place and continue to provide a complete, beautiful smile. The good news is that your implants (which replace your roots) are generally something that will remain in place forever. It’s as though they are simply an extension of your jaw tissue, with which they will fuse. As for restorations, they may occasionally need replacement or a quick fix if damage occurs. However, this will happen only on a rare occasion. Your newly complete smile will remain in amazing shape for many years!

Gain Implant Reassurance From Us

Gather up the reassurance you need, as you decide to set out on a path toward receiving dental implants for your smile. Come in for a visit, talk through your concerns, and learn that you have made a wonderful choice! Schedule comprehensive family dental care in Dallas, TX by calling Cederberg Dental at (214) 348-7090. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, Lake Highlands, and all surrounding communities.