Keeping your teeth safe and healthy is a full-time responsibility. To prevent tooth decay and infection, you need to take daily steps to clean your teeth. As part of your regular routine, you also need to visit your dentist for treatment. However, due to the pandemic, you need to be much more careful about when and why you leave the house. You don’t want to jeopardize one aspect of your health in the name of another. So, which dental services are essential? Which appointments should you make time for, and which ones can wait?

Appointments to Treat Infections Should Happen as Soon as Possible

If your dental appointment is made to address an issue regarding tooth decay or infection, you should make the visit, if possible. Tooth infections only get worse over time. Until you address the cause of your cavities and tooth decay, your teeth will continue to suffer. Treatments like cavity fillings, root canals, and dental crown placements should happen as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of tooth loss or further decay. Consulting with your dentist will also help you determine which appointments are essential.

Elective, Cosmetic Treatments Can Wait

Any treatment that is an elective procedure can wait during this time. You may be excited about receiving professional teeth whitening from your dentist, but this type of treatment isn’t essential, and shouldn’t be cause to risk your overall health. If you are taking precautions to avoid contact with others, you are young and in good health, then a treatment like this may be possible. However, if you are noticing any symptoms at all, you should absolutely stay home. That goes for patients who have scheduled any type of appointment.

Make Sure Your Dentist Has Proper Procedures in Place

Everyone has made adjustments to their business practices during the pandemic. You may very well be working from home right now. Your dentist needs to have made adjustments as well. Make sure that your dentist’s office is taking appropriate additional sanitary precautions. Your dentist should also be screening patients when they arrive and reducing the number of patients inside the office to the minimum necessary. Visiting your dentist’s website can help you find this information, and you can always contact the office.

Cederberg Dental Is Taking Extra Precautions

Your dental health is important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your overall health! At Cederberg, we are taking extra precautions to make sure that our patients stay safe during their visits. These precautions include additional sanitizing of contact surfaces, patient screenings, and reduced office loads. If you’d like to learn more about what Cederberg Dental is doing to keep patients safe, contact our Dallas, TX office at 214-348-7090.