A Chance to Prevent Most Dental Problems

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is important because dental plaque – a biofilm created by oral bacteria – constantly forms on your teeth. Left alone, this film grows denser and harder (calcifies) while the oral bacteria within it attack your teeth and gums. Routine dental cleanings are vital because once plaque calcifies into tartar, you can’t remove it on your own. It will take the professional equipment and expertise of your dentist or hygienist, and you should schedule a professional cleaning at least once every six months for optimal results.

Exams and Oral Cancer Screening

Aside from thoroughly cleaning your teeth to remove all traces of plaque and tartar, your routine visits also give us a chance to thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. For instance, we can check for weakened tooth enamel that could indicate a heightened risk of cavities, or inflamed gums that warn of impending gum disease. If necessary, we can recommend ultrasonic deep cleaning to address the early signs of gum disease (known as gingivitis) before they grow worse. We also perform a comprehensive screening to check for signs such as lesions, tumors, ulcers, sores, and other indications of oral cancer. Routine screenings improve the chances of early detection in case oral cancer does develop, and early detection significantly raises the chances of successful treatment.

Call for Your Next Exam & Cleaning

Regular dental exams and cleanings are designed to help you avoid most dental problems by controlling their main causes and detecting their earliest symptoms. For more information, schedule a visit with us by calling Cederberg Dental in Dallas, TX, today at 214-348-7090. We also proudly serve patients who live in Lake Highlands, Plano, Rockwall, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, and all surrounding communities.