Pediatric Dental Health Services

The earlier your child develops good dental health habits, the better. In addition to brushing and flossing teeth, the most important of those habits is visiting the dentist regularly for routine preventive dental care and maintenance. Like adults, children need to attend routine exams and cleanings at least once every six months, and when issues develop, they must be addressed as soon as possible. The difference is that pediatric treatments take into account your child’s still-developing teeth and oral structures, and how they can impact the long-term health of your child’s permanent smile.

Dental Sealants

Prevention is the main focus of pediatric dentistry, and dental sealants are designed to optimize it. The thin, biocompatible shields of acrylic are painted onto your child’s teeth, creating a barrier that stops oral bacteria and food particles from reaching the tooth enamel. This offers enhanced protection against conditions that arise from plaque buildup, such as tooth decay (the cause behind cavities).

Fluoride Treatments

Tooth enamel is comprised almost entirely of minerals, and keeping it strong is essential to keeping your child’s smile healthy. Fluoride treatments involve applying a topical fluoride solution to the surfaces of your child’s teeth. The mineral bonds to the mineral crystals that make up your child’s tooth enamel, fortifying it against harmful oral bacteria that try to erode it and cause tooth decay.

Early Orthodontics

If we notice that your child’s teeth are not properly aligned, then we may recommend early orthodontic treatment to correct them. We’ll refer your child to a highly trusted pediatric orthodontist who can custom-design a treatment plan to optimize your child’s teeth and bite alignment. This will help your child avoid more serious oral health problems in the future and the need for potentially extensive restorative treatment.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child

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