Restoring Teeth with Infected Root Canals

Tooth decay – the cause behind cavity formation – may be common enough that it doesn’t seem like a serious issue. That’s especially true when you treat your cavity early with a tooth-colored filling. However, when tooth decay becomes severe, it can pose a growing risk to your oral health. Root canal treatment is the process of addressing tooth decay that has grown too severe for a tooth-colored filling.  The procedure involves cleaning out the pulp (center chamber) of your tooth and the inner canal of the root to remove the infected nerves and tissues. In many cases, it’s followed immediately by the placement of a customized, highly lifelike dental crown.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary

Root canal treatment is typically only recommended in severe cases of tooth decay, or when a tooth is damaged enough to expose its pulp and root canal. Once it’s recommended, time is of the essence as your tooth may soon become too extensively decayed to restore properly.

Find Out How to Best Treat Your Root Canal

When tooth decay becomes so severe that it reaches your tooth’s inner structures, root canal treatment may be the only way to successfully remove the decay and save your tooth. For more information, schedule a visit with us by calling Cederberg Dental in Dallas, TX, today at 214-348-7090. We also proudly serve patients who live in Lake Highlands, Plano, Rockwall, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, and all surrounding communities.