Deep Cleaning with Ultrasonic Technology

By brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once, you can prevent the majority of harmful oral bacteria from clinging to them for too long. Some harmful bacteria, however, may work their way underneath your gums and onto your teeth roots by the time you attend your next dental exam and cleaning appointment. If this happens, their presence can lead to infection and inflammation in your gums – a condition known as gingivitis. As the first stage of gum disease, gingivitis poses a significant threat to your oral health, though we can mitigate that threat comfortably and effectively with ultrasonic deep cleaning.

How Ultrasonic Scaling and Root Planing Work

Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, is the process of carefully accessing and cleaning your teeth roots to remove plaque and tartar (known as scaling). Then, we smooth the root surfaces to prevent bacteria from clinging to them in the future (planing). The procedure is more complex than simply cleaning the visible crowns of your teeth, and can take several visits to complete. However, we can make it more comfortable than traditional methods by utilizing advanced technology that produces ultrasonic waves to more gently break up plaque and tartar deposits. The technology helps ensure maximum plaque and tartar removal with minimal discomfort and a greater chance at reversing or controlling gum disease.

Treat Gingivitis Early and More Comfortably

Combining our expertise with advanced ultrasonic technology, we can help you comfortably and effectively address the early signs of gum disease. For more information, schedule a visit with us by calling Cederberg Dental in Dallas, TX, today at 214-348-7090. We also proudly serve patients who live in Lake Highlands, Plano, Rockwall, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, and all surrounding communities.